Annual ACRE Testing: Grade 8 and Confirmation 2


Beginning in 2013, every parish in the Diocese of Madison is required to administer the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA)'s annual assessment of religious education--measuring individual students' grasp of basic Catholic faith formation concepts that have been taught in the parish program. It's a test administered every year by many dioceses across the United States; in our diocese, the testing happens in March of each year.


There are three levels of the test that are administered:

  •    Level 1: Grade 5
  •    Level 2: Grade 8
  •    Level 3: Students being confirmed at year's end (ie, Confirmation 2).


Every student is required to take this assessment, including homeschooled students. Students who miss the assessment need to arrange for a makeup test. Some exemptions exist, such as for cognitive disabilities; please contact Mary Lynn if you have any questions or concerns.


Basic Information for the 2015* assessment:

HMC Spring 2015 testing dates (for Grades 8 and Confirmation 2):

           Wednesday, April 29th: 6:00pm, 6:45 pm, and 7:15 pm

           Sunday, May 3rd: 9:00 am



HMC's 2014 Family Letter explaining the basics of the test.


HMC study/review guide for the test: Given out in class for review during Faith Formation sessions, also emailed as a PDF file to family's email (for study at home and parental perusal). Additionally: Online Quizlet study files are available that match both Grade 8 and Confirmation 2 study guides, linked to Mary Lynn's HMC Youth Minister's Facebook account (easiest to find if one is already "friended" to this Facebook account. Please refer to the family email for further instructions on accessing the Quizlet files; it's presumed that students already know how to use Quizlet features or at least have the ability to learn to do so). 

* Please Note: This is the last year we are using NCEA's 2001 assessment. Beginning in Spring 2015, the entire diocese will be using the newly revised 2013 version of the test -- meaning an updated HMC study/review guide will be created and shared with classes.



  • Diocese of Madison info/overview of ACRE assessment and requirements.
  • NCEA's ACRE information, including the "blueprint" for the newly revised assessment that will be administered in 2015.