Music Ministries

Consolation Choir is an SATB choir that practices on Thursday evenings September through May from 7:00-8:30 pm. We provide music for special liturgies, such as the Christmas Vigil, Easter Vigil, and Triduum services. Members from this group typically sing with the Early Birds or Contemporary Group.

Youth Choir welcomes children in 2nd grades through 8th. Practice days and times will be determined n the Fall. The Youth Choir sings at the 10:15 am Mass two times a month October through April and on Christmas Eve at the "Children’s Mass".
Resurrection Choir is called upon to represent the community of faith and support the grieving by singing at the Funeral Masses held and Holy Mother of Consolation. The Resurrection choir practices  60 minutes prior to teh funeral service. Choir members are contacted via email and a phone tree when needed.
Hand Bell Choirs are open for students in grade 5 and up. Hand Bell Choir members practice September through May and will play at one or two Masses a month during that time. Rehearsals times are determined based on the time availability of the members.
Early Bird Choir is designed for those who like to sing early in the morning. The Early Bird Choir is scheduled to sing at the Sunday, 8:00 am Mass throughout the year. Early Birds practice at 7:15 am Sunday mornings.
Shine is a music ensemble that provides a blend of traditional and modern music for liturgy and praise and worship services. We welcome singers and musicians from 7th grade through high school to join! Singers and instrumentalists meet 75 minutes before Mass to set up and practice.
"Witness" is a musical ensemble, similar to SHINE, for singers and musicians of all ages. During the school year, the Contemporary Group plays for 2-3 Sundays/month. Practice takes place at 9:00 am Sunday mornings, before the 10:15 Mass. This group continues to practice and play for all 10:15 am Masses during the summer months.
Children’s Liturgy of the Word is a program that offers our elementary grade children an opportunity to hear God’s word in an age-appropriate setting during the 10:15 am Masses. We offer a training session in the fall to help introduce new volunteers to this special ministry.

Contact Larry Thelen at 608-835-5763 ext. 111 or for information on Music and Choir commitments.

Contact Sr. Ruth Battaglia at 608-835-5763 ext. 112 or for Ministry Schedules.