Parish Care Coordinator

The Parish Care Ministry is about serving the sick and homebound of the parish. The Parish Care Coordinator is here to see that all the needs and wants of these parishioners are met either by herself, the parish priest, the pastoral minister or those volunteers who are in a position to help.

The Parish Care Coordinator makes weekly visits to the hospitals if they are needed as well as monthly visits to the homebound within the parish and also to those parishioners in area facilities. She also works with area facilities (nursing homes, assisted living…), Hospice and the local senior center to keep up with what they offer and changes that may be going on.

There are also a variety of other needs that the PCC helps to meet along with the help of a group of volunteers from within the Parish.

*Communion to the Homebound and Facilities

*Rides to church


*Sending bulletins to those unable to make it to church

*Homebound Birthday recognition

*Meals to those in need (see below CC)

One of the main ministry that stems from the Parish Care Coordinator is Consolation Caring. CC is a meal program with about 25 volunteers who are available to take a freshly made meal to parishioners in need. This could be anyone from the homebound to someone just out of the hospital or someone who has recently lost a loved one. CC averages about 10 meals a month and occasionally provides meals for a longer stretch of time to those who are going through a particularly tough time.

Seasonal things to look for from the Parish Care Coordinator.

*Anointing Mass and Luncheon in April

*Christmas cookie exchange

*Holy Thursday soup delivery

*Easter basket delivery

*AED/CPR training for greeters and Eucharistic ministers in Jan.

*Health fairs in May and December

*Apostolate to the Handicapped in August and December

*Monthly Senior Luncheons. Held the second Tuesday of every month at 11:30 am. For Seniors only.

If you have an interest in any of the volunteer opportunities available please call Anne Dellemann Parish Care Coordinator at 835-5763 ext.123 or send an e-mail to