Staff Member: Arnold Igl

Arnold Igl

Maintenance - Cemetery
Phone: 608-770-1165

Arnie Igl and his wife, Judy, have been members of HMC for 40 years. They have five children and six grandchildren. They moved to the Oregon area in 1963. After retiring, in 2000 from Ahrens Cadillac-Oldsmobile Inc., Arnie was hired in 2002 by HMC for parish janitorial and facilities maintenance. In 2005, he also assumed the position of St. Mary's Cemetery caretake and sexton. He was an intial member of the St. Mary's Cemetery Board, formed in 2005, and the Building & Grounds Committee, formed in 2007. Arnie remains an active participant in the above committees, HMC staff, and other church functions.

Photo of Arnold Igl