Consolation for Catarina

This ministry is to provide information and awareness of activities and condition of our parish mission in Catarina, Guatemala. We receive updates from the sisters via email and our questions and concerns are sent to them. The relationship has held strong for many years. The sisters have visited HMC on several occasions.

Informational Documentary Video (30mins)

Consolation for Catarina Video (YouTube)

A message from Srs. Jane and Mary Lou: For all our "Companions on the Journey” - you have truly been just that, encouraging us, supporting us, not only financially but spiritually and morally as well. All of which keeps us in a state of awe and wonder.  As this video was prepared with us, we were struck once again with everyone's deep sense of mission and your commitment to it.  May 2019 find us moving together on this journey toward justice, equity and grace for our fractured world.   --Fondly, Sister Jane and Sister Mary Lou



Consolation for Catarina began in 1984 when Holy Mother of Consolation made a commitment to support Sr. Jane Buellesbach and her missionary work in Catarina, Guatemala, in Central America.

Sr. Jane is a Maryknoll missionary who lives and works with the people of Catarina. She grew up in Milwaukee, WI. Sr. Jane is a medical doctor as well. Her missionary work consists of providing health care and training health promoters for over 40 villages surrounding Catarina. She often sees 150 people a day in her clinics. Without her help, many people would have died from TB, pneumonia, malnutrition, and childhood diseases. New clinics have been set up in many villages, and people have been trained as health promoters. Sister Mary Lou is also a medical doctor and has been working with Sr. Jane in Guatemala for over 35 years. They provide basic health care to the people in the villages.

Our Sharing has brought many things to Sr. Jane and her ministry. Through the over $1,000,000.00 we have already sent in, the quality of life for the people in Catarina has improved. Some of the things that have been done with the money include:

  • A jeep for Sr. Jane to travel safely to the villages
  • An ambulance (van) and a 4 wheeled drive truck to provide emergency transport
  • Solar ovens – a more economical and healthy way of food preparation
  • Subsidized the further education of young people with potential
  • Helped build new health clinics on a shared basis
  • Helped pay for a new roof for the church
  • Bought food, medications, and vitamins
  • Built many latrines to prevent illness

The People of Catarina are Mayan Indians who are very poor. They have no electricity, televisions, indoor plumbing or automobiles. They hope for a better life for their children. They speak Spanish or the Mayan language.

Our Caring comes from the Consolation for Catarina envelope in each month’s parish envelope packet. We also have “Cans for Catarina” where aluminum cans are dropped off in a drop box near the Religious Education building and almost $1,000.00 annually is made through recycling proceeds. Our caring also comes through our prayers for Sr. Jane, Sr. Mary Lou and the people of Catarina.