Luke House

Yesterday I made beef stew; so did many others!

Beside homemade beef stew, Dinty Moore stew, milk, bread, butter, lettuce, cookies and bars (homemade and purchased), cans of fruit cocktail, and a marvelous mix of salad toppings are donated to the once a month meal HMC provides at Luke House.

Luke House sits near the intersection of Williamson and Ingersol streets in Madison. HMC volunteers share the meal with community members. Nine tables of 8 are set and ready for the 6 pm seating; more tables are set as needed to serve all those who come to the door. Volunteers are trained for the evening’s tasks: washing dishes, serving salads, readying bread baskets and butter, getting salt, pepper, and salad dressing to the tables, milk and water pitchers, scooping up the stew, serving desserts, re-setting tables, sweeping up. We are moving by 5 pm and on our way home by 7 pm or so.

Hospitality is not about having more than others; it is about sharing what we have. Although we alone do not solve the problem of poverty we are sharing hospitality with the community. To people of ancient times, before there were campgrounds, Holiday Inns, and McDonalds, hospitality was a survival mechanism. It still is in this modern version. Once a month HMC takes responsibility for a part of our world by giving and sharing from our abundance.

You too are welcome to donate food, join the volunteers to serve, deliver food to Luke House, and any of the other tasks that result in a shared community meal at Luke House. Every month there is an open invitation for you to share hospitality at Luke House. Please join us!


Co-chairs: Peg Schultz 608-835-7228 or Ed Webb 608-219-7255