Prison Ministry

Holy Mother of Consolation and St. Ann's (Stoughton) jointly participate in an Ecumenical Prison Ministry. In collaboration with Madison Urban Ministry, Community Connections, Restorative Justice and the Angel Tree Network participants volunteer in programs designed to serve both prisoners and their families. The mission of this ministry is based on the following beliefs:

    • Prisoners and those who have committed crimes are part of our community
    • Incarceration is expensive and is not always an effective solution
    • There are over 2 million children with an incarcerated parent who are at increased risk of following in their footsteps
    • Reconciliation, redemption and forgiveness are powerful

As the Lord said in Matthew 25:35-37, "For I prison and you visited me." 

For more information or to participate, please call Kathy Davis at 608-291-0079 or or Mary Kay Clark at 608-575-2344 or