Social Justice & Concerns


HMC Social Justice and Concerns Commission contributes to the life of our parish community, through outreach ministries that are the pathways of service to our brothers and sisters locally and around the world. Our ministries flow along a continuum from awareness and education (know) to enrichment and resources (love) to action and advocacy (serve); each guides our decision making. The expectations of this Commission are that, through our endeavors as individuals and as a parish community, justice, peace and equality become more fully realized. Thy Kingdom Come.


 Our Guiding Lights:

 Awareness and education embrace the learning activities that inform us and the community.

 Enrichment and resources embrace finding and providing opportunities for individual and community growth.

 Action and advocacy embrace the mission of Jesus - the expression of God’s compassion in human justice.


Our Programs:

HMC has a variety of Social Justice and Outreach groups that can help you get involved in community, both locally and globally. Check out these pages for more information about what you can do!