My Own Church

 HMC’s Online Portal for Parishioners

In the summer of 2018, HMC introduced an online portal for all parishioners called “My Own Church.” This portal opens up possibilities to you as an HMC parishioner, giving you access to a variety of features.


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What does this mean for me as a parishioner at HMC?

My Own Church gives you the opportunity to access your records and registration at home. These are the features open to you in the MOC portal:

  • Updating Information: You now have remote access to your family’s information. Update your new phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more, all at home so that you never miss an important notice from HMC!
  • Offertory History: You can now view your family’s offertory history online.

We hope to expand its uses in the future!





  • What are the benefits of using MOC?
    • As a parishioner, you can view your offertory history at any time. You can also update contact information as it changes so that you never miss out on mail (like envelopes) or emails that we send out.
    • As a parent with children in Faith Formation, making sure you are updating emails and phone numbers will ensure that you never miss out on important class notices or program events.

  • Why doesn’t it recognize my email when I try to sign up?
    • Most of the time, this has to do with where your email is stored in our directory. This can be easily fixed by calling or emailing Corrine Willson in the Faith Formation Office (contact information below). However, if you suspect the problem might be that you recently changed to a new email, please put your old email address in "prior email" slots.

  • Can I download my electronic statement for offerings?
    • At this time, downloading statements is not available. We hope to make this possible in the future! However, you can still view your offering history for information purposes.

  • Where is the online registration in MOC?
    • While it is important to keep your information updated so that important notices are sent to the right email, we are no longer using MOC for registration.
    • As of the summer of 2019, registration is done through WeShare, HMC's online giving and payment portal. Please see the Faith Formation tab for further information.

  • How do I edit or view my family information in MOC?
    • Go to the "My Family" tab, and then click on the "Family Detail" subheading. Make sure that when you go to edit your family details, you first click the teal "Edit" button and the "Save" or "Submit" button when you are finished.

  • My email and password just won't work! What's wrong?
    • Try using a separate browser. The recognized browsers that work for MOC are Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. Even if you are already using one of these, try a different one. Sometimes that can help.
    • Make sure you are signing up on a desktop or laptop. There have been problems on phones and tablets.
    • Try using a different device that you haven't tried yet.
    • Try again in an hour. Sometimes the ParishSOFT servers are overloaded. It's best to just try again at a different time.

  • Why were some of my updates (data changes) denied/ not approved?
    • There could be a number of reasons. Sometimes it's something as simple your address being "Rd." versus "Road," and we chose a certain notation. Other times it is something that seems odd like denying a name update. When this happens, it often has to do with where we note last names, especially if it is different from the family name. If you are concerned about a change or denial of change, feel free to contact Corrine Willson in the Faith Formation Office (contact information below).

  • Why are some tabs or pages blank in my MOC account?
    • We plan to take things slow as we start to use the MOC portal. Not all pages will be used at this moment, but they may become available in the future. Those blank tabs will remain in your portal even if you cannot access information on them. For now, the tabs that are usable are the "Home," "My Family," "My Education" (during registration processes), and "My Offering" tabs.
    • Please note that some tabs require you to click on the sub headings. They appear right below the tab name and allow you to navigate the tab. Please see the picture above (under the FAQ "How do I edit or view my family information?") for further clarification.



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If you have further questions regarding the uses of My Own Church, please contact Corrine Willson in the Faith Formation Office.

Corrine Willson
(608) 835-5764 x115